Senseless. In every way… I’m half a world away. Absolutely numb. Frozen in my apartment as I hear about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School (and it’s not the cold Ukrainian winter that’s giving me this cold feeling in my gut).

Some days, it really would be better to be living in a remote African village then, to have access to the internet and running water… because, some days you just don’t want to hear the news from home.

26 dead. 20 of them children. Who wants to hear that right around the holidays? Holidays that loved ones will now, have to spend burying the ones they held most dear. Continue reading

This Crazy Life- Don’t Worry… Be Happy

I taught my students the phrase ‘Don’t worry… just be happy‘- it was my attempt to make them more relaxed and less anxious about their English speaking ability. (My students actually quote merather than Bobby McFerrin on it).

But, sometimes that Bobby McFerrin attitude is easier said, than done…

Because in this crazy life…

Things don’t work out how you always expect them too.

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