Love In The Mail

So March has been a pretty stressful month- I’m in the process of re-registaring which involves a lot of paperwork in a foreign language… Thankfully my counterpart has been awesome and doing a lot of additional work on my behalf- without complaint.

Have I mentioned how awesome my co-workers are?

Besides, that I’ve trying desperately to fundraise money for Camp MAKE.


Because, we are all born to make a difference and the kids of Ukraine deserve to know that.


Thankfully it seems mail always comes to Ukraine when I need it the most to cheer me up… and I have gotten some pretty wonderful things in the mail recently. Continue reading

Moments In Ukraine- Camp MAKE

Some people have asked me for advice, on taking photographs. I’m not an expert at lighting or how to get the perfect angle by any means.

In fact, most of my favorite photos are extremely ill-lighted and topsy-turvy.

It took me a while to realize that it’s not really how the photo comes out that matters…


It’s the memory behind it that does… Continue reading

I’m just trying to have some fun!

So, Prague is amazing. (Minus annoying younger siblings in your traveling party…)


But I already knew that. I went to school here:


Thanks to AIFS! 🙂

AIFS has a great summer program in Prague that is all-inclusive. The program even has some optional weekend trips you can go on with other AIFS students, walking tours around the city, and the staff are so friendly/helpful!

Charles University- is also one of the best universities in the Czech Republic and located right in the center of Prague and about a five minute walk away from Charles Bridge. 😀

Even though, I was here six years ago. It was nice to be able to show my parents parts of the city I have grown to love.
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Crazy Praha Days

My family took a train from Krakow to Prague… and yes, we ran into my brother’s doppleganger in the Krakow station.



(Who knew?)

My dad asked me when he was planning this trip “Kim should, we go to Prague?” and I answered “Yes.”

He followed me, with the question, “Is there anything to see there?”

To be honest, I was stumped. “…It’s really pretty.”

Give me some credit- it’s been almost 6 years since, I spent one summer studying Czech Politics in Prague. (I was an AIFS summer student at Charles University during my freshmen year of college).

All I remembered was this:


Which was definitely worth seeing again. Continue reading

Lessons Learned & Winter Wonderland Fun

And yes I got some great photos of the winter wonderland fun!

The first snow of the year was today and yes I got some great photos of the winter wonderland fun!

The 44th group of volunteers to work in Ukraine were sworn in a few days ago(And yay! Another volunteer will also be working in my town). The whole thing seems a little surreal- I’m from the 42nd group of volunteers to work in Ukraine. Continue reading

Every Day Is A Celebration

May was a month of celebrations.

In May:
-My part of the world celebrated the end of ‘The Great Patriotic War’ (aka World War Two) by honoring our village’s veterans.

-My school also celebrated the end of classes (twice), and the accomplishments of our school’s graduating class at their graduation.

-Teachers at my school seemed to celebrate the end of the school year, by grading exams and having tea parties in the middle of the afternoon.

-My students also completed a ballroom dance class and decided to celebrate, by showcasing their new dance skills to the village.

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