Why Obamacare is Fantastic, Albeit Confusing for Peace Corps Volunteers

Over 40 million people in America need to be insured and I’m one of them!


For many Peace Corps Volunteers serving out in the bush somewhere, we’ve all but forgotten about Obamacare. Why? Well, the days blur together and no one is ever quite sure what year it is. Also, the bush part. Yes, we have access to news and facebook and email, but sometimes that means standing on a rock waving your arms wildly in the air hoping to get a signal. So I’m sure it simply slipped the minds of many PCVs worldwide that the online marketplace has gone live. Or they have no idea what that even means.

For the Volunteers returning to America in the next 6 months, Obamacare is fantastic. We are perfect candidates for the new system. Most of us will be returning unemployed, previously uninsurable (chronic Montezuma’s revenge should be a pre-existing condition), and likely in serious need of insurance. Peace Corps provides one month of insurance upon…

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


It’s official the holidays are over. I marked the end of the holiday season when, I ran out of the seasonal cookies and gingerbread tea my mother sent me.

As usual, I’m super busy and therefore behind on blog entries about the festivities at school, life here in Ukraine, and the 2-week vacation my school gave me.

In Ukraine, the holiday season can be rough for volunteers. Since Christmas isn’t celebrated until January, 7th (Ukrainians follow the Russian Orthodox calendar).

However, New Year is celebrated similarly to Christmas- people decorate trees, give gifts, and kids get visited by a Ukrainian version of Santa Claus.

It can still be the most wonderful time of the year! Continue reading

Great post- a majority of our job in the Peace Corps. is cultural exchange…

And we do manage to make differences in the lives of those in our host countries, just in different ways. I took me a while to realize while, I was sent to Ukraine to teach. What I’m really here to do is learn.

Lessons Learned & Winter Wonderland Fun

And yes I got some great photos of the winter wonderland fun!

The first snow of the year was today and yes I got some great photos of the winter wonderland fun!

The 44th group of volunteers to work in Ukraine were sworn in a few days ago(And yay! Another volunteer will also be working in my town). The whole thing seems a little surreal- I’m from the 42nd group of volunteers to work in Ukraine. Continue reading

A friend sent this to me. So true… Peace Corps. volunteers come in all shapes, and sizes…and can sometimes resemble Disney characters. 😉

Reblogged from a PCV in Ghana.


Volunteers come in all different shapes, sizes, races, ages, and days out of college. I want to give you a cross section of the Peace Corps Volunteers you might meet, especially since Peace Corps isn’t filled with 8999 people just like me (unfortunately, obviously). Disclaimer! PCVs who may perchance be reading this. These are my versions of ridiculous generalizations, none of these descriptions characterize anyone in particular – except for probably me.

And I’m going to do it my way. Think of them like superlatives. Emphasis on the super.


Zazu – The Obnoxious One
There is always that one person who just drives everyone insane. Whether they are just straight up annoying, full of themselves, or have grating “local” English, this person always gets an eye roll. Secretly, of course. (By the way, we have these birds here! – Just sayin)

peter pan

Peter Pan – The Over-Achiever
Oh you know, that…

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