Life Is Beautiful

In Albania I only had 2 visit days with my 4 sponsored children (World Vision packing in two visits each-day). After my visits I really didn’t know what to do with myself, or the three days I had left in Albania.IMG_5155

I found a travel agency online that offered day trips around Albania.


Somehow I was lucky enough to end up with a great tour guide who made sure I saw all this beautiful country has to offer.


The bluest beaches and the most magnificent mountains that I believe put the Andes and the Himalayas to shame.

I have a confession to make. I was scared to travel here. Continue reading

I’m just trying to have some fun!

So, Prague is amazing. (Minus annoying younger siblings in your traveling party…)


But I already knew that. I went to school here:


Thanks to AIFS! 🙂

AIFS has a great summer program in Prague that is all-inclusive. The program even has some optional weekend trips you can go on with other AIFS students, walking tours around the city, and the staff are so friendly/helpful!

Charles University- is also one of the best universities in the Czech Republic and located right in the center of Prague and about a five minute walk away from Charles Bridge. 😀

Even though, I was here six years ago. It was nice to be able to show my parents parts of the city I have grown to love.
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I Always Thought We Were Irish With A Weird Last Name…

The title of this post is sort of a running joke in my family… I really had no idea that we were Polish until our family had one weird conversation in our car, while we were discussing a school project I needed to do about my family’s ancestry

Busia Relatives

I’ve always had an unusual last name by American standards. Definitely not O’Donnell or Sullivan.

My Dad: Kim what did you think we were?

Me: I just always thought we were Irish with a weird last name…

My grandmother ‘Busia’ always held a special place in her heart for Poland and the Poles. The town our ancestors came from is not far from Krakow. So when we had the opportunity to visit Poland. We made sure to visit Krakow. Continue reading

My Crazy Family In Warsaw

I’m terribly behind on posts! But I wanted to share the pictures… of our family’s trip last August! So my mom and I met up, with my dad and my crazy brother in Poland- a week after my mom’s trip to Kiev. My crazy dad ‘the planner’ of our family arranged for 4 days of traveling around Poland and then, Prague for another 4 days.

Warsaw was the first place we visited.

We spent 2 days there. (One day recovering from the jet lag. My poor Dad and my crazy brother arrived a day after travel minus their baggage) Continue reading

To my mom:

To my mom-

Thanks for fixing all my boo-boos when I was little with a kiss.

For comforting me, when I needed a shoulder to cry on during my middle school years (mean girls are seriously–rough).

For letting me go- when I needed to be let go.

But most importantly- thanks for letting me— be me (wether you agree with my life choices or not).

….And for loving me through my teenage years– you seriously deserve an award for that!

Happy birthday mom!
Love you always,
Kim 😛

Back in the day when I rocked the Power Ranger fanny-pack look.