The Real Winners and Losers

It is said the Olympics are about international ‘unity’ and a celebration of the best and brightest athletes… not about the medal count.

However around this time, I get strangely patriotic. I enjoy seeing my fellow Americans – many of whom have dedicated their entire lives to their sport… win.

I enjoy seeing that America can excel in so many events.

On so many levels.

I enjoy seeing that despite our economic recession and the fact that many argue that the American dream is slowly dying…


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That young American snowboarders, skiers, and skaters can show us that if you work hard… you can still succeed.


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… that no dream is too big or too impossible.

To see the pure joy on the faces of so many deserving American athletes ignites a sense of hope.

But yesterday, I was kind of happy we lost

I know the Women’s Biathlon Relay doesn’t get as much attention as skating and it isn’t as exciting as the snowboarding events.

However watching the Women’s 4x6k Biathlon Relay, I was so happy, and moved…


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I cried.

What happened in the Women’s 4x6k Biathlon Relay was as moving, as watching the US ‘Miracle‘ game against Russia in 1980, or when the ‘Magnificent Seven‘ won in the gymnastics team event in 1996…

Because you could tell that win was about more than a medal…


(c)getty images

On a day when there were reports that as many as 76 people had been killed in their homeland, by their own government…

At time when their country is heading towards an economic collapse.

The Ukrainian team crossed the finish line and won


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Ukrainian President Yanukovych lost all of his remaining friends as they fled the country yesterday…

He lost- when Parliament agreed to release his political rival Yulia Tymoshenko from prison.

He lost- when, a law was signed limiting his presidential powers.

He lost– when thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets asking for his resignation…


(c)getty images

Yesterday President Yanukovych lost…

And Ukraine won.


(c)getty images

There’s something strangely symbolic about that.

On that day.


(c)getty images

During that moment of history…


(c)getty images

Ukrainians got to hear the words…:

Ukraine’s freedom has not perished nor has her glory.

Upon us, fellow Ukrainians fate shall smile once more…

As their national anthem played and their flag was raised.

uaI continue to believe Ukraine will win in the coming days. And you know what?

I kind of hope they do.

I no longer care about the medal count. 😉

Congratulations Vita, Juliya, Valj, and Olena! Ukraine you won! 🙂

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