A Day In Vienna

I had a 24-hour layover on the way to Albania in Vienna. So I did what any sane person with a ridiculous layover would do. I spent the day exploring Vienna and rested up at a hotel (where I had the first bubble bath I’ve had in 2 years).

I had been to Vienna before when I was a student at Charles University in Prague for a weekend.


IMG_4543                 (Stephanplatz- this is where the ‘center of the action’ is in Vienna).



Vienna’s overwhelming beauty never ceases to amaze me. It’s a city unlike anything else in Western Europe…


…Where literally everywhere you turn there is something to see, do, or photograph. Vienna, like Prague has made efforts to maintain its architectural integrity.

You can walk around town feeling like you’re back in time yet still run into the latest trendy clothing store.

IMG_4554It kind of bridges the best of the old world and the new…

IMG_4565(i.e. you can enjoy pretty architecture and still have your Starbucks too 😉 )


Here you’ll find so many street musicians, and singers. Austria is the birthplace of so many of the world’s greatest composers after all…

IMG_4561IMG_4571For the most part, my day didn’t have a schedule or a plan. I simply wandered around the city and saw where I ended up.

But just so you know- Vienna is a very easy city to get lost in (whether you want to or not…). Most streets look very similar.


But when you do get lost… you can end up in the most beautiful parts of Vienna. So don’t be too afraid to.



Admittedly my heart has been more in Eastern Europe lately.  For the fact, I love the prices and its more ‘off the beaten path’ which makes it more exciting. But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this city.

Even if the Gelataio seriously hurt my wallet (and my Peace Corps. budget).

IMG_4591Towards the end of the day. I decided to go to Prater where the Wiener Riesenrad is located (kind of Vienna’s version of the London Eye- except the Wiener Riesenrad has been around for a lot longer).

Prater has an amusement park of sorts there.

As well as another ferris wheel which I mistook the Wiener Risenrad.

IMG_4593But this is the real Wiener Riesenrad:

IMG_4595 IMG_4598

And it even has a small museum display inside telling you about its history.


I have a confession to make. Even with the amount I have flown over the years… I have developed an irrational fear of heights (no matter if I’m flying or on a ferris wheel).



But the views of the city are amazing… from the Wiener Riesenrad.


And even worth those moments where I had an irrational fear of death 😉





What’s also amazing about Vienna is the mountains here.


(Little did I know the mountains in Albania would be even more amazing! But more on that later 😉 )

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