Summer Sunshine- photo SPAM

Hey everyone! Sorry guys like most Peace Corps. volunteers towards the end of service my blog has slowly been dying… 😦

Things have been super busy in a normal-crazy kind of way.

What does that mean?


I don’t have any thing extra-ordinary to report. Mainly for the last couple of months. I’ve simply been doing my job. Teaching my fourth forms the proper use of prepositions with a game involving four-leaf clovers.

And finishing the school year…


While also managing to enjoy the sunshine that finally arrived in our area in late March (with my kiddos).


I know there’s a lot that I need to catch everyone up on…


The good news is

I have lots of photos to post!

People have asked me on Facebook when my service ends. Here’s the deal– I’m staying until December 12th. I’ve debated about extending my service to finish the semester with my school kiddos for another six-months.


And to end my service on a more positive note, since the first six-months of it were…. anything but.


But, like most volunteers I have some real life issues… and serious decisions I need to make i.e should I go to graduate school or not? Should I just try to jump into the non-profit field?


And how much my Peace Corps. service will actually help my résumé, as it currently stands or if I will need more professional experience.

Two years overseas, away from your homeland can be tough.

And while part of me is looking forward to that beef burrito from Taco Bell- that I’ve been fantasizing about for the last two years (I’m sadly serious about that).


A part of me, is dreading the reverse-culture shock that comes with being a returned Peace Corps. volunteer.


A part of me, is going to miss being called Miss Kimberly every morning.


A part of me is going to miss awkward encounters with strangers in my town who somehow know about me or at least know my name.


A part of me, is going to miss broken English…


And cute little letters written in perfect cursive…

IMG_7079 IMG_7404 IMG_7419

IMG_7473And all those final bell, flowers.

I have more posts I need to make, about life in Ukraine including our final bell ceremony, graduation, our town’s Euro Fest celebration, and the awesomeness of Camp MAKE.


But for now I simply want to enjoy the moments I have left in Ukraine, my students, and all the memories I have made in Ukraine.

Two years have gone by crazy fast!

And sadly I’m realizing a little too late that I haven’t slowed down to enjoy them.

Like most Americans- I like seeing instant results, but in Peace Corps. you simply don’t see instant results.

But that doesn’t mean you haven’t made a difference…

And I’m realizing that the little moments have meant the most to my students. My simply being there after class one day to see a sudden dance party form.

IMG_7098My simple encouragement for a little girl who doesn’t like to study English.


Stickers after each lesson, silly games, and songs…

All those things that don’t seem to matter.

End up being your lasting legacy.

So my fellow PCV’s enjoy the sunshine while you can(it only last for a short time). The blogging can wait 😉

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