Moments In Ukraine- Camp MAKE

Some people have asked me for advice, on taking photographs. I’m not an expert at lighting or how to get the perfect angle by any means.

In fact, most of my favorite photos are extremely ill-lighted and topsy-turvy.

It took me a while to realize that it’s not really how the photo comes out that matters…


It’s the memory behind it that does…


Most of the best memories of our lives come in exceedingly ordinary events.


As a TEFL volunteer I’ve come to realize that it’s those classes where laughter is shared… Matter more-


Then the classes where my students spoke in flawless English.

Because it’s those simply unspectacular moments that take up the most room in your heart.


You’ll remember your Grandma’s homemade Borscht more… then what you got as a present when you were three.


You won’t remember everything that was said in your letter…


…But you’ll remember the person who wrote it.


You’ll remember it’s not what you wrote that counts…


… It’s the fact you wrote you something out of love that does.

Those wonderful little moments.


Of the Valentine’s Day card from America you can play with…



Or the four-leaf clover you can put on your nose in a game.


It’s those small un-newsworthy moments that end up mattering the most.

As a Camp MAKE counselor- I’d love to give some of those little moments to Ukrainian kids this summer.


However we’re still 64% short of the money we need to fully fund Camp MAKE.


I can’t say sending a kid to camp for ten-days will change the world.


But it just may remind a kid in Ukraine- that they matter.


It may encourage them to dream just a little bigger.


And that just may mean the world to one child in Ukraine.
Will consider giving a child in Ukraine some great moments through the Camp MAKE Peace Corps. partnership grant?

(it’s tax-deductible)

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