My Crazy Valentine

Once again, I’m seriously behind on blog entries! But there’s something good about that… because, well if I’m not updating it means I’m busy in a crazyily good/insane sort of way!

I’m slowly realizing that I have less-than a year left of service (9 months to be exact!). Which is crazy… time really does fly when you’re in your second-year of service. A few other things have been going on at my site.

Many multi-cultural activities/projects.

I’ve kind of been going through a holiday kick-lately my students have learned about everything from President’s Day where we did various worksheets related to Honest Abe & good ol’ George (and changed the game Simon Says to “Obama Says“), to Valentine’s Day.

I love talking about holidays and traditions with my younger students. Why?

Because, anything out of the ordinary of our regular English lessons is really exciting for them. Last month we spent an entire week focused on Valentine’s Day-


We learned new vocabulary… talked about holiday traditions.


And then, made Valentines.




There’s nothing cuter than seeing kids- make Valentines with their near flawless cursive and adorable English grammar 🙂 (these kids have been focusing on learning new adjectives in their textbook- noisy, naughty, funny, clever, etc…).






I wished I had learned that celebrating the holidays with your students kind of kills homesickness and your craving for Smartfood popcorn- in the most adorable sort of ways sooner.




I realized the other day that I’m getting more confident as a teacher, and I’m feeling more at ‘home’ at the school. The teachers I work with have been great from the start and the kids as well.

But they’ve been doing some extra amazing things. My younger students sometimes say “I love America” at me rather than, “Good-morning”. (And yes- call me crazy but that definitely makes me tickled 😉 ).


And every time I see one of my fourth formers- she shakes my hand and doesn’t let go for another 30 seconds after the shake.


I love this school.


I love my co-workers.


I love these kids…


And I’m having a hard time, imagining myself anywhere else… in a year.


Do I really only have 9 months left?


Besides, my love for my students…

I also love Odessa- it’s about 6 hours away from me, and 3 hours away from my crazy boyfriend.

So we both, try to meet up there once a month for a weekend visit.

And one of my favorite parts of Odessa is breakfast at Kompote.


(the cheapest/best breakfast I’ve ever had in the world!)

And as much, as I love breakfast/food- I love my boyfriend more.


You see there’s a tradition in Eastern Europe in which couples “lock-away” their love on various bridges.




My boyfriend surprised me, with our own lock for Valentine’s Day.




And yes… that made me love him even more 😉

Keeping with tradition we even went down to the sea to throw the keys in the ocean.


Even though we had a slight detour due to a movie being filmed.





(I think it’s World War Two aka Great Patriotic War related)


But such is life in Ukraine… Odessa is a pretty cool place to visit. It’s sort of become my favorite city in Ukraine.

If you’re a Peace Corps. Volunteer, reading this blog. I hope you’ve found a reason to love your site and your host country.

If you’re a teacher, I hope you’ve found a reason to love your job…

And I hope all of you– have found a mutually weird(or crazy) someone… to love.


“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
-Dr. Seuss

…And if not just keep looking. 😉

2 thoughts on “My Crazy Valentine

  1. Thanks! I love working with my older students too but, with the little ones- they get so excited about everything/anything which definitely makes things a lot of fun 🙂

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