I’m just trying to have some fun!

So, Prague is amazing. (Minus annoying younger siblings in your traveling party…)


But I already knew that. I went to school here:


Thanks to AIFS! πŸ™‚

AIFS has a great summer program in Prague that is all-inclusive. The program even has some optional weekend trips you can go on with other AIFS students, walking tours around the city, and the staff are so friendly/helpful!

Charles University- is also one of the best universities in the Czech Republic and located right in the center of Prague and about a five minute walk away from Charles Bridge. πŸ˜€

Even though, I was here six years ago. It was nice to be able to show my parents parts of the city I have grown to love.

On our second day we went on a hop on/hop off tour around the city. The hopping off part was easy... but the finding places to hop back on was hard.


(And yes every trip I go on- I always end up with photos of my dad getting lost)

We did a lot of walking around in Old Town Square.

Charles Bridge.


Prague Castle.






We took a break here and there.

But still by the end of the day, we all were pretty tired. On our third day we went to Petrin Tower. (It’s a small tower located on a hill outside the city).

The view from the observation deck of Petrin Tower has the best views in Prague. (Yes. I keep showing these photos but they’re amazing!).


It’s pretty crowded on the tower. You can choose to walk or pay to use a small elevator to go to the top observation deck.

To be honest, even with the amount of stairs it is a pretty easy walk… but, stillΒ  you can get dizzy easily(since it has a spiral staircase).


The crowds can make the tower seem a little wobblyunstable and frankly scary but the view of the city is totally worth it.


Later in the day we went on a river boat tour. It was pretty hot and humid. So we all had a little drink, relaxed, and enjoyed the scenery.












We all were pretty tired… Mom and my little brother ended up sleeping through dinner while my dad and I went out to enjoy the city at night.


Prague can become a whole different monster- at night.

Since the drinking age is lowered and beer is so cheap…

It can be a little wild during the summer.

But it is beautiful.




On our final day we did some shopping! My dad was nice enough to buy me an amazing small portable speaker for my laptop (so I can pretend it’s my television/movie theater).

I also got some really nice gifts for the girls I sponsor through World Vision– I had a small necklace made with each of their names πŸ™‚


My dad, little brother, and I also went inside the Astronomical Clock- finally and just in time before it closed! (It closes super early).

There are different sections you can visit including a museum.

But really all we wanted to see was the view.

It had some pretty amazing views of the city.


And Old Town Square.


It kind of was like being inside Wonderland.


Everything is so clean and pretty…


Sort of topsy-turvy. Prague is almost a city too beautiful to be believed.






It helped us finish off an amazing trip!

Do you have an annoying yet- lovable little brother?

If you do…

I feel your pain. I seriously feel your pain. It seems every trip my family goes on… half-way through it my little brotherΒ deliberately goes out of his way to annoy me for his own amusement.


Me: For the love of God! Stop that!

My brother: What? I’m bored. I’m just trying to have some!!

My mom always tells me. It’s because he wants to get a reaction…. well it works.

Even though, I’m a twenty-something.( I know. I need help. I seriously need a support group or something πŸ˜‰ )

My family may be crazy.

Bro and Dad 2

We may be dorky.

We’re a wacky bunch….

But we love each other in our own ways.


And after a year apart it is was nice to see them in my corner of the world. πŸ™‚

P.S. This all for all the big sisters out there who are the victims of annoying little brothers πŸ˜›

IMG_4108Feel free to make that photo viral.

Love you lil’ bro. I do. And what?!? I’m bored… I’m just trying to have some fun! πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “I’m just trying to have some fun!

  1. Lovely photos!!

    Haha, I’ve got a younger brother too… and he’s coming to visit Ukraine soon! I guess, based on your account, I can know what to expect :p

  2. Ha ha- we should start a support group! I guess all little brothers like to push their big sister’s buttons. πŸ˜‰ Mine still does it even though he’s sixteen. πŸ˜›

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