Crazy Praha Days

My family took a train from Krakow to Prague… and yes, we ran into my brother’s doppleganger in the Krakow station.



(Who knew?)

My dad asked me when he was planning this trip “Kim should, we go to Prague?” and I answered “Yes.”

He followed me, with the question, “Is there anything to see there?”

To be honest, I was stumped. “…It’s really pretty.”

Give me some credit- it’s been almost 6 years since, I spent one summer studying Czech Politics in Prague. (I was an AIFS summer student at Charles University during my freshmen year of college).

All I remembered was this:


Which was definitely worth seeing again.

Like most people, before I came to Eastern Europe… I had misconceptions about Eastern Europe. (Usually images of communism intermingled with ramshackled Soviet block apartments came to my mind).


I didn’t believe Eastern Europe could be beautiful…


…but I was wrong.


I believe Prague more-so than any other part of Eastern Europe…


Because, Prague’s beauty is stunning… the Czech’s try to maintain the architectural integrity of the city while also allowing room for more modern growth (and yes– this includes a few wacky art displays ! :))


Cities like Prague and Warsaw have allowed their old world charm to intermingle with their new world charm. I used to think Prague was ‘the hidden gem’ of Europe- but it seems it has been discovered by many…IMG_3767


When I was there during the summer 6 years ago- it wasn’t quite this packed or crowded. And yes, Prague is a little artsy too. (They are really into modern and sequential art here :))


It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. While also being reasonably affordable- the Czech Republic isn’t on Euro- yet. IMG_3785


Getting to Prague from Krakow wasn’t too difficult- we had to transfer trains in Katowice but, it was super easy. After traveling all day we ended up heading straight to hotel and then, spent some time exploring the old parts of the city at night.

And yes, relaxing at Starbucks (which is located on Old Town Square across from the Astronomical Clock). After a year without Starbucks it was a nice treat! 🙂 (Starbucks Executives: Please open a Starbucks in Ukraine soon! :D)


The next day- we went on a tour offered by our hotel to Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle.(More on our crazy Praha Days later ;))

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