Senseless. In every way… I’m half a world away. Absolutely numb. Frozen in my apartment as I hear about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School (and it’s not the cold Ukrainian winter that’s giving me this cold feeling in my gut).

Some days, it really would be better to be living in a remote African village then, to have access to the internet and running water… because, some days you just don’t want to hear the news from home.

26 dead. 20 of them children. Who wants to hear that right around the holidays? Holidays that loved ones will now, have to spend burying the ones they held most dear.

Like most Americans, I’m sad.

And I’m shocked.

After all isn’t a child’s home and school- the two places every kid should feel safe?

Unfortunately the distance between America and Ukraine doesn’t stop all these emotions I’m feeling.

All I can do is pray and somehow hope crazily that will be enough.

Enough- to bring some peace to families, and communities going through intolerable situations.

But, most of all I’m angry and I’m sure you are too. It’s the most natural reaction when tragedy happens in our nation.

And it’s not necessarily about the lives that were cut short or the dreams of 20 youngsters that will not get fulfilled.

Or even the images I have running through my mind- of 20 children who probably still believed in Santa Clause and still slept with their favorite stuffed animal at night, lying in a morgue.

I’m angry- because I know America is better than this.

I know we are…

I’ve always believed we are.

My heart is broken because we just simply… don’t realize that.

I just wonder where has our country gone wrong?

When did we start to fail to realize that when, crowded malls, movie theaters, houses of worship, and now- schoolyards become ‘fair game’ to mad men… that we have a problem in our society?

All I can do is hope and pray like never before that one day- we all will realize that.

We’ve been here too many times before… So we all know what will happen.

In the coming weeks- we will slowly learn more.

News agencies will debate on the motives of the shooter relentlessly for days.

And we will eventually learn- if they were mentally ill or just trying to make some sort of statement. (Let’s be honestneither of which really matters.)

Politicians will probably debate once again on gun control policies (most likely to win a few ‘popularity votes’).

But what’s even sadder, is the fact we’ll probably remember the names of outspoken politicians, and the shooter rather than the names of the victims- who had lives that mattered

And yeah, I’m a little angry about that too.  Aren’t you? Isn’t that a little intolerable?

But most of all, when did life in America stop making sense?

We live in an age where we have lost our common senses. And that’s a little intolerable too…

Unfortunately senseless tragedy often only leaves us numb.

It only makes us bitter.

And bitterness never motivates change.

So, rather than grieve- I hope we’ll be motivated towards change.

Change is the only thing that will ever bring the promise of hope. And I’ll give into that crazy hope that people will once again regain their senses.




And move forward– towards a nation where people can feel safe to go Christmas shopping, see the midnight showing of the latest ‘The Hunger Games’ installment next year, and send their child to school tomorrow.

Schoolyards stained with blood?

That’s senseless.

It’s time to regain our senses.

It’s time to:




Because America, I  believe we are better than this.

We really are… 

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