A Word From This Little Ol’ Clownfish

I know that I have been noticeably absent from WordPress lately…


But you know that saying- no news is good news? Well, it’s true… at least in my case. Because this little clownfish finally found her way home 🙂

I have a new site— and this country/village mouse  is living in a new town that’s located on the map!

After a crazy two months of waiting/living in a hostel,  1  crazy week spent with my mom in my host country’s capital and ten crazy days with my crazy family in Poland and the Czech Republic. A crazy 4 days of travel through my host country, 8 crazy hours spent deregristering and collecting my belongings from old site, and 1 crazy day spent getting registered at my new site.

…I’m pretty behind on my blog entries. But expect more coming soon— especially after I figure out my internet situation. (I’m currently using the world’s slowest modem- but, I may be able to get a better internet package through a different company).

Everyone says that the first three-months at site are the hardest…I’ve only spent 2 weeks in my new site– but I’ll say this: I love it here.

And I’ll say it again. I love it here. I love my new colleagues and I’m so excited to be working with my new counterpart– everyone at the school I work has been super nice to me and all of them have gone out of their way to help me (in more ways than one).

And I’m so grateful to help I’ve received from Peace Corps and my new regional manager through this transition.

So I’ll definitely have more to say: COMING SOON.

I’ve noticed an increase in PCV’s in Peru, Ghana, Rwanda, and Moldova who have been following this blog.  So my fellow PCV’s I’ll say this: Peace Corps is rough- and whatever you’re going through, wherever in the world  just keep swimming

Just keep swimming…

Just keep swimming…

Swimming… swimming… Just keep swimming. 😀

2 thoughts on “A Word From This Little Ol’ Clownfish

  1. Congrats Kim 🙂 Glad that things have settled and that you are in a place that you can enjoy and be productive! Swim on !

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