This Crazy Life- Goodbyes, Hellos, & Marching On

Anyone who knows me… knows that I avoid uncomfortable/awkward situations like the plague. (I’m a little notorious for it).

It’s one of the reasons I seriously hate ‘goodbyes’, (and also one of the reasons, I’ve always made sure the students I leave behind– have at least one special class/day with me).

But these goodbyes were unexpected.

And what’s worse is I have been getting messages like this:

That make me realize, there was so much left for me to do, and that in a short amount of time, I began to matter to a few very special kids.

Life is difficult.

Work in the Peace Corps. is challenging… but, still there are some kids– that make you want to work harder, make you stick through the bad so, you can enjoy a little of the good.

Goodbyes are never easy…
Goodbyes are never fun…

Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to say goodbye in a positive way.

Poster I made when I said goodbye to some awesome kids/friends in South Africa

In a way that will tell my students- that they mattered… that I hope I gave them– my best effort and then, some.

Due to some circumstances out of my control– I couldn’t stay… and it’s not their fault.

And most of all I’ll miss them…

The Peace Corps. always says the hardest part of the experience is leavingin this crazy life who could have anticipated I’d have to do that so soon?

But, the Peace Corps. is also about being open to new experiences, and new people. So it’s one foot safely in front of another.

Saying goodbye to the things to the people and places that matter and ‘hello’ to new experiences and people(that with time– will surely matter as well).

For more information about the Peace Corps:CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “This Crazy Life- Goodbyes, Hellos, & Marching On

  1. Kim –

    The lives we touch, the ripples we spread – both those we know of and those we don’t – these are what make life worth living, to me.

    I hate goodbyes and always have, even short meetings for a day. I don’t know when I will see or hear about that person again. I cannot convey how much they have meant to me nearly as well or fully as I would like.

    But thus far, I have been blessed by the number of connections that have either stood the test of time or have been reforged a decade, two decades, three decades later.

    I am sure, what what you have shared in prose and pictures, that more of these kids *get* that they matter to you on a deep level than you feel comfortable believing. People can tell when somebody reeks of sincerity.

    You, Kim, reek of sincerity. It is why in lives filled with transience, they let you get close to start with, knowing before that first moment that your time is fleeting.

    One or two years ago, I wrote to you, quoting a song:
    she has a dream that she will lend us and a love that we can borrow.
    There is so much joy inside her she will even share her sorrow;
    she’s our past, our present, and our promise of tomorrow.
    Oh, truly she’s the only hope I’ve seen, and she is always seventeen.

    You may be twentysomething, but other than age, the words still apply.

    As you search for love, inspiration, and purpose, you provide a lot of love and inspiration. As ever, thank you.

  2. Thanks Josh! I’ll admit the last 8 months or so have been really difficult due to some things I wished I could have changed but, couldn’t so that really means a lot to me… 🙂

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