Don’t you wish- you could simply be a kid at camp again?

It’s been a while since, I’ve been to camp.(In fact I think the last time I went to camp I was 13).

I went to the language refresher hosted by the Peace Corps….

It’s basically a 4 day camp that allows volunteers to ‘refresh’ their knowledge of Russian.

Games, the country director of the PC, and learning safety phrases(very useful stuff!)

You can take classes– that range from learning how to talk about HIV/AIDs topics in Russian to discussing films or reading product labels in Russian (all very helpful & useful stuff!).

You also have the chance to take cultural lessons like dance, jewelry making, or Easter egg-painting. I took a class and made a very sad-looking doll!

Really it’s just like camp. Even complete with the mystery meat and messy bunk-room conditions.

Russian games

I am not sure how much my Russian actually improved in 4 days but, if nothing else it was fun to see other volunteers.

Feel supported and have a little fun… and collect some free hugs

Free hugs by a Christian group that was using the same venue as the Peace Corps.

I also had the opportunity to meet some volunteers in my future region– who have nothing but nice things to say about our regional manager.

Let’s just say I get more hopeful and get more excited each day!

For more information on the Peace Corps:Click Here.

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