This Crazy Life- Don’t Worry… Be Happy

I taught my students the phrase ‘Don’t worry… just be happy‘- it was my attempt to make them more relaxed and less anxious about their English speaking ability. (My students actually quote merather than Bobby McFerrin on it).

But, sometimes that Bobby McFerrin attitude is easier said, than done…

Because in this crazy life…

Things don’t work out how you always expect them too.

In this crazy life you can’t anticipate what will happen.

In this crazy life, occasionally— there are crazy things that happen that you can’t control.

Unfortunately, I had some events that happened at my village that were out of the realm of things I could control…

Because of this, I’m being moved to a new work site, a new school, and I’m going to begin– a new life in a new region. The Peace Corps rarely gives site transfers to volunteers unless, it’s in extreme situations.

(My situation just happened to fall into the extreme spectrum of things.)

I’ll miss some of my students more than words can say…

(What’s worse is  the fact– I know they’ll miss me too.)

But in this crazy life… when things go wrong, or when things don’t work out quite as how you expected them too.  Sometimes, you just need to put the past behind you, say goodbye in the best way you can, and keep marching forward…

While holding onto that crazy-Bob Marley hope inside you, that everything little thing will be alright… or as Bobby McFerrin says “Don’t worry, be happy.” 🙂

For more info about the Peace Corps:Click Here

4 thoughts on “This Crazy Life- Don’t Worry… Be Happy

  1. That’s the spirit — just keep putting one foot down in front of the other. You’ll be fine.

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